Listen to music and podcasts. Watch video blogs, shows, movies, and series, modify their plot and earn your income!

The service includes NFT Marketplace, music and podcasts service, movie streaming service, and service for video blogs and streamers. Artists and users will interact to help each other and make a profit.

NFT Marketplace

Beta version launched

It's a real home for NFT collections of artists who create music, movies, series, animations, blogs, streams, podcasts, and launchpads for projects related to art and content creation.

Collect and own audio, video, and other pieces of art as NFTs. Support NFT collections of content creators and earn TON for it. Become content owners and content creators yourself!


Mediaservice pages on phone screen
Mediaservice pages on phone screen

Live Streams

In development

Watch broadcasts of your favorite games, interesting shows, sports and music events. Learn new things, subscribe to authors with exclusive content.

Dive into the world of open-access streaming with no rules. Interact with other users and create fun content together on live streams. Be in control of broadcasting with TON donations and NFT.

Soon — Q1

Music and podcasts

In development

Enjoy music or learn something new from podcasts according to your interests with our recommendation system. Adjust it to your needs, taste, and mood.

Pay only for what you need - there is no flat rate subscription cost. Now you decide how much and when to pay. Choose artists with exclusive content and get modified access to what you exactly want.

Soon — Q2
Mediaservice pages on phone screen
Mediaservice pages on phone screen

Videoblogs and shows

In development

Watch amazing brand-new video blogs. Playmuse is a place for high-quality content without hard-sell advertising. It offers to pay only for what you really watch and to have an individual subscription to content creators.

Open-access video blogs and shows without rules. Interact with the authors and influence the plot. Become an author and create entertaining content, earn a TON.

Soon — Q3

Movies and series

In development

Get unforgettable experience by watching movies, series, and short films. Search for a movie by your interests, and pay only for those movies which you watch without a flat rate subscription price.

Modify and take control over a movie plot and compete with other users with TON donations and holding movies NFTs. Subscribe to independent film studios and get access to closed shows of open films first!

Soon — Q4
Mediaservice pages on phone screen